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Versatile and Reliable: XO Tech Extension - The Ultimate Stabilizer and Jack Solution for Your Trailer!


Introducing XO Tech: The Future of Power Management for Your Recreational Vehicle!

Trailer Jacks

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America's Top Portable Power Pack

The ArkPak is a unique 12V and 110V power battery box, which allows you to choose a 12V 130 amp hour battery so you can replace at any time. You can get up to 3 days of 110V power or up to 7 days of 12V power*, potentially giving days of continuous power! So whether you are camping, hunting or boating you'll have continuous silent power 24 hours a day for days on end. Giving you more freedom to stay longer off the grid.



Frequently Asked Questions

 Do the ArkPak's come with a Battery included

 No. You have the freedom to choose your own battery type based on your individual requirement.

How do I know if the battery is fully charged

The % charge of battery value on the lower right hand side of the main data page will read 100%

What is the purpose of having a dual wheel setup on the trailer jack?

The dual wheel design provides a wider footprint, making it safer and easier to travel and maneuver across soft terrain.

What finish do the trailer jacks wheels have?

The XO 750 runs on sealed bearings, is pre-zinced and powder coated for a long lasting finish and extended durability

Can I use the ArkPak to jump start a car with a flat battery?

Yes you can as long as the battery installed in the ArkPak is a high cold cranking amp battery Eg: A Calcium or AGM battery.

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