Key Features

1.External high current terminals

2.Battery isolator switch

3. Interactive Time Tracker LCD screen

4. Twin 12V sockets

5. 50 amp Anderson plug

6. 5V USB port

7. 110V socket via the built-in 150W inverter

8. Easy carry handles

9. Built-in 7 amp 7 stage smart charger


Suits all main battery types and all main battery sizes up to world beating 130 amp hours (Group 31 Size)

David W on -

“As you know, I have the ArkPak and I really like it. It is bigger, but I love the functionality and seems to work very well. I use it to power the ARB 50 quart fridge/freezer with no problems and works great for other devices. ”

Tracker Battery Management

The Time Tracker is a sophisticated battery management system that monitors your battery through the interactive LCD screen.

The screen displays :
 Battery’s current condition, Percentage of battery capacity, remaining Number of hours, until fully charged, Stage of the charging cycle, Battery type selection, Battery size selection

 NOTE: The ArkPak will also store your previous battery settings so that they are still correct even if you remove the battery.

Smart Charging Cycle

The 7 stage smart charger monitors your battery through the following cycles to optimise performance:

Stage 1: Charge

Commences recovery of your battery back to peak voltage. Then charges the battery at 6 amps up to a set voltage, at which point the battery is approximately 90% charged.

Stage 2: Testing

Checks the battery capacity and predicts the hours left until fully charged.

Stage 3: Bulk

The period just before boost when the volts are constant.

Stage 4: Boost

Peak charge for maximum performance. Battery is charged for 4 hours at constant voltage.

Stage 5: Resting

Allows the battery to consolidate after boost. The ArkPak ceases charging and allows the battery to rest while allowing voltage to drop to 13.2V.

Stage 6: Float

This maintains performance and prolongs battery life – as your battery is continually monitored and the voltage is maintained at 13.2V by automatically adjusting charge current for 500 hours.

Stage 7: Re-awaken

This exercises the battery and avoids sulphation build-up. After 500 hours of conditioning the charger automatically returns to charge cycle.

Need More Info?

Check out the technical specifications and FAQ’s on the ArkPak