ArkPak FAQ's


Q. Do the ArkPak's come with a Battery included

A. No. You have the freedom to choose your own battery type based on your individual requirement.

Q. How do I know if the battery is fully charged

A. The % charge of battery value on the lower right hand side of the main data page will read 100%.

Q. I have installed the battery correctly but the LCD screen reads “Alarm – open circuit”

A. If batteries are over-discharged they can reach the point where they have little or no voltage. If a heavily discharged low voltage battery is installed in the ArkPak the microprocessor may not be able to detect it and will signal an alarm.

Q. How can I tell what stage the charger is in?

A. The battery charging cycle is indicated on the lower left hand side of the main data page

Q. What does Ah mean?

A. An “amp hour” (abbreviation Ah) is a unit of electrical charge and refers to the battery’s capacity. A power source rated at one amp hour can deliver one amp continuously for one hour or two amps for half an hour or sixty amps for one minute etc.

Q. What type of batteries will the ArkPak charge?

A. The ArkPak can charge most types of rechargeable 12V lead-acid type battery from 60 Ahr capacity up to 140Ahr. There are four main types of 12V lead acid battery - conventional wet lead-acid battery, calcium, AGM and gel. The ArkPak can charge both cold cranking batteries and deep cycle batteries.

Q. How do I know which battery type and Ah rating to select?

A. Normally the battery type and Ah rating is marked on the battery by the manufacturer. If you are not sure contact your battery retailer. It is very important that the correct battery type is selected since the charger uses a different charge technique for each battery type.

Q. Why does the LCD screen ask me to confirm the Calcium setting before charging proceeds and not the other types of batteries?

A. The charging method for a calcium battery requires a higher voltage than normal. If another battery type is charged at this voltage it may be damaged.

Q. Can I charge the battery using the external terminals or accessory sockets?

A. Yes you can as long as the main isolator switch is in the “on” position. This type of charging is not controlled by the on-board microprocessor since the charge current will flow direct to the battery via the main isolator switch. If an external voltage regulator is not used there is a risk of overcharging and damaging the battery. Please also consider the accessory sockets are fused at 10A so a current flow higher than this will blow the fuse.

Q. I can hear a fan running inside the ArkPak, is that meant to run all the time?

A. The ArkPak has two fans inside. The first fan provides cooling to the internal PCB and will run constantly whenever the ArkPak is turned on. There is a second fan that provides additional cooling when the inverter is operating.

Q. My ArkPak makes a very feint humming noise at night time when it’s quiet, is it possible eliminate this noise completely but still maintain power to my fridge ?

A. Yes. To turn your Arkpak to “silent mode” just hold down the Time Tracker Screen “Info” button until the screen turns off but leave the Isolator Switch in the “on” position.

Q. Can I install the ArkPak into my vehicle as part of a hard-wired dual battery installation?

A. Yes you can however, you will need a dual battery wiring kit installed into your vehicle. We recommend you get this kit installed by a qualified auto electrician. You can connect the dual battery wiring loom to the ArkPak either via the external terminals or the Anderson socket. Please remember the main isolator switch must be in the “on” position. The ArkPak can be fixed into your vehicle using the accessory mounting kit (Part no. APB20B - not included). NB: The ArkPak cannot be mounted into the vehicle’s engine bay.

Q. Can I charge the battery using solar panels?

A. Yes you can as long as the main isolator switch is in the “on” position. This type of charging is not controlled by the on-board microprocessor since the charge current will flow direct to the battery via the main isolator switch. Be sure to use an external solar voltage regulator to avoid overcharging and potentially damaging your battery.

Q. Why is the time remaining value often different to the actual time taken?

A. The predicted time remaining value is an estimate only. The time prediction is affected by many variables such as temperature, battery age and battery type and it is impossible for it to be completely accurate but it is a useful guide.

Q. How can I charge the ArkPak from my vehicle?

A. Ark manufacture an accessory car charger which is available separately (Part no.APCC60B). Simply connect the car charger “cigarette lighter” type plug into your vehicle’s accessory power socket in the dashboard or trunk. Connect the small plug on the other end of the car charger cable into the DC input socket on the LHS of the ArkPak.

Q. Is it possible for the ArkPak to power a device if it is turned off at the control panel?

A. Yes, it is, since the various output sockets are connected directly to the battery via the main isolator switch and not via the smart charger. However it will not be possible to determine the battery voltage or the time remaining if this is done.

Q. Can I use the ArkPak to jump start a car with a flat battery?

A. Yes you can as long as the battery installed in the ArkPak is a high cold cranking amp battery Eg: A Calcium or AGM battery.

Q. Can I jump start the car using a deep cycle battery?

A. Yes you can however you may need to connect the battery to the vehicle’s starting battery for up to 1 hour to charge the starting battery. The deep cycle battery will need to be fully charged or as near to that as possible.