ArkPak Accessories


There are currently two accessories available to complement the ArkPak - the ArkPak DC-DC car charger/adapter, and the ArkPak mounting bracket.

The ArkPak DC-DC car charger adaptor enables your ArkPak to be conveniently charged up directly from your vehicle’s 12-volt socket while allowing power to be routed to other utilities and appliances while charging your ArkPak for its next use.

The ArkPak mounting bracket allows your ArkPak to be mounted into a vehicle, camper, trailer, etc. to ensure your ArkPak is securely held down to your vehicle while trekking through rough terrain. The brackets conveniently enable the ArkPak to slide out and back into place again so it is transportable when desired.

The ArkPak can be bundled with accessories or purchased separately at any time. To learn more about each accessory, click the images below.

DC-DC Car Charger

Mounting Bracket