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Ark Corporation

XO Trailer Jack 750 XL Black

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New Heavy duty extra long body with 1650 lbs rating •

Increased main body length to provide extra height while retaining a heavy-duty 1650 lbs rating • Minimum Height of 12 Inches • Maximum Height of 33 Inches

Heavy duty swivel clamp •

4 bolt pivot point ensures no more bowing under weight •Suitable for 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch drawbars • Comes with mounting hardware – no more welding onto drawbars

6 x adjustable height positions •

10-inch height adjustability at each of the 6 positions, whilst maintaining a central swivel point for extra strength

Dual wheel with sealed bearings & Off-road tread •

2 x 8-inch Premium wheels • Increases off-road grip and spreads the load

Variable yoke lock •

Allows you to lock the yoke in 1 of 5 positions when the jockey wheel is stowed, to allow for clearance of stone guards, toolboxes, jerry can holders, etc.

Easy-pivot trailing yoke design •

Wheel pivots easily, even under heavy load or on soft ground

Magnetic, removable, side-winding handle •

Easier raising & lowering of trailers/caravans – away from stone guards, toolboxes, or jerry can holders • Magnetic, removable handle ensures safe stowage and prevents damage in off-road situations

Rust resistant finish •

Salt spray tested for 600 hours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bryan Hanks
Worked perfect

Trailer was originally built with the 500. Broke it in less than a week. With a little modification the 750xl in black works and looks amazing


Love it

Shaker Shaker
Excellent jack for my needs

This jack is super tough and has the adjustments I need for my trailer, it was pricey but well worth it. Anything comparable only had foot pads, this has 2 tough wheels.