30 watts ArkPak 730 Solar Bundle


Included in bundle are:

• 30 watts Foldable Amorphous Solar Panel

• ArkPak 730 Portable Power Source

• 12 volts DC to DC Car Charger

• ArkPak Mounting Bracket

• USB LED Light


Perfect for shot trips, this 30 watts solar bundle can charge the ArkPak and power small electric devices for that weekend or short break away. The solar panel is compact with its thin and lightweight design. The USB LED light can be plugged into the ArkPak's USB port, providing light when it is dark outside or during a black-out. Adding the mounting bracket and car charger to the ArkPak makes it effortlessly portable and enable continuous power. For an in-depth look at solar power with the ArkPak, check out ArkPak solar page