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Ark Portable Power

AC & DC Battery Charger

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Smarter battery charging, monitoring and conditioning has finally arrived!

In order to charge a 12 volt battery, an AC charger and a separate DC charger (mostly a permanently mounted system) is likely to be purchased. Ark have uniquely combined the two into one intelligent 7 amp auxiliary battery charger. Giving your battery the capabilities of being charged at home from the mains power (110 volts), as well as in your vehicle's 12 volt DC socket. Allowing the flexiblity of monitoring, conditioning and charging your 12 volt battery (up to group 4D) while on the road.

The ArkPak AC & DC battery charger is lightweight (1lb) and slender in construction. It has a built-in 7 stage smart charger to condition the battery and a unique Time Tracker LCD screen, which displays the current status of your battery. The time tracker effectively manages the battery, displaying the time remaining until fully charged. It charges 12V battery types: AGM, calcium, gel and lead acid. The included mounting brackets allow the battery charger to slide into place or be taken away without needing to unscrew. A pair of alligator clips and a hard wiring harness is also supplied for permanent installation to a second battery inside the vehicle.

The min capacity is 60 A/h and the max battery size is 200 A/h.


• 7 Stage smart charger

 • 7Ah AC and 5Ah DC charge rates

 • Charges main battery types / sizes

 • Elegant Time Tracker LCD screen

 • Tranportable & compact

 • Weight: 1lb

 • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 inches

Additional Features:

Battery Monitor / Analyser

Even when not actively charging, the charger still provides on-going monitoring of your battery – displaying voltage, temperature and percentage of charge.

Secure AC/DC Connection

Easy 3-step secure connection:  Simply pull back the plug sleeve, insert, then release. This locks the lead into the charger for a secure fit.

DC Interchangeable Connection

Allows for a quick and easy interchange between alligator clips or a hard install harness to your 12V battery.

Vehicle Mounting Bracket

The bracket secures the charger in your vehicle, as well as making it quick & easy to transfer into your home allowing you to charge your batteries anytime, anywhere.

7 Stage Smart Charging:

You get:

• Mounting brackets
• AC & DC battery charger unit
• Hard wiring harness
• Alligator clips with a 3' 2" cord
• Interchangeable connector
• AC Adaptor with a 9' 8" cord
• DC adaptor with a 3' 2" cord


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