60 watts ArkPak 715 Solar Bundle


Bundle includes:

• 60 watts Foldable Amorphous Solar Panel

• ArkPak 715 Portable Power Source

• 12 volt DC-DC Car Charger

• ArkPak Mounting Bracket

• USB LED Light

The 60 watts solar panel provides continual charge to the ArkPak so it can power most electronic devices. Using the DC to DC car charger while driving allows the ArkPak to recharge and if needed, power a portable fridge. The ArkPak is a unique power source, ideal for camping, 4x4 off-roading and many adventure or recreational activities. Having the mounting bracket fitted secures the ArkPak in place, plus it easily detaches the ArkPak for use anywhere. As a bonus, the USB LED light flexes to direct the light accordingly and its dim settings can be activated - just with a touch! Get a comprehensive low-down on using the ArkPak with a solar panel, at the ArkPak solar power page.