Green Power Options on the Playa July 11, 2014 22:50

If you've never been to the event in the desert where they burn a giant wooden man effigy (we can't call it what it is, because the name of the event is trademarked, evidently) – or if you've been but never thought about bringing electrical power to this even – this post is for you. We've scoured the web for tips, tricks, and advice from former participants, and we've used them to compile a list of tips for anyone that needs power at this that shall not be named (or anyone who plans to bring something that plugs in, into the desert).

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Another Use for The ArkPak - Portable Solar Energy Storage January 15, 2014 16:54

Solar energy system owners looking for an affordable and portable energy storage system should evaluate the ArkPak battery pack system with a built-in charger and power outputs that can hold a 12V battery of up to 130ah storage capacity. Unlike other systems, the ArkPak is the only one in the world with a built in charger and inverter where the battery is removable and replaceable.

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