Another Use for The ArkPak - Portable Solar Energy Storage January 15, 2014 16:54

Solar energy system owners looking for an affordable and portable energy storage system should evaluate the ArkPak battery pack system with a built-in charger and power outputs that can hold a 12V battery of up to 130ah storage capacity. Unlike other systems, the ArkPak is the only one in the world with a built in charger and inverter where the battery is removable and replaceable.

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New Portable Power Pack Is Equal Parts Rugged and Techie December 2, 2013 17:48

The ArkPak isn't just a box that holds a deep cycle battery – it's a 12V battery smart charger, an inverter that provides 120V AC power, a solar energy storage device and a 12V DC power source for everything from game refrigerators to laptop computers. Campers and hunters can use the ArkPak to power their camp site, while computer geeks can use it as a high-capacity uninterruptible power supply.

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