CPAP Battery Packs For Camping - Check Out The ArkPak

Ark for CPAP

The ArkPak is designed to do more than just power your small devices, they’re also ideal for making a CPAP machine portable — making camping a lot easier when you require one. We’ve also added additional features to the new ArkPak model to give you the option to use it longer. If you’re looking for a reliable power source for your CPAP machine to make it portable, here’s why the ArkPak is the best product to consider.

CPAP Machines and the ArkPak

CPAP machine power requirements differ dramatically from one unit to the next, but many only require 10W of power during normal use with the heater and/or humidifier OFF. The 100W rating on many units is only applicable at startup.

Most CPAP battery packs have 10-20AH of capacity, and many users report getting 2-4 nights of use out of these packs. With an ArkPak that has a 100ah deep-cycle lead acid battery installed, it's likely that the ArkPak could provide a CPAP machine power for an entire week of camping without discharging more than 50%.

Our new ArkPak, the 730 model, works with lithium iron phosphate batteries, offering even more use than the lead-acid battery. A 100ah LiFePO4 battery discharged 80% provides 80ah of battery capacity...that could be as much as two weeks of CPAP machine use.

Keep in mind that some CPAP machines have built in heaters that can drain power much quicker. By shutting off the heater feature, you can increase the running time. If you choose to use the heater, make sure to account for the added drain so you don’t run out of power sooner than expected. Also note that humidifiers cannot be powered by the ArkPak.

Greater Versatility Than Battery Backups

While many CPAP machines come with battery backup packs, or a travel battery, these are not the best options for camping. Unlike dedicated CPAP battery packs, the ArkPak can also be used to power camping lights, power a portable camping fridge, recharge phones and tablets, etc. It can also be recharged daily with a solar panel, so CPAP users can rest assured they have plenty of power during long camping or hunting trips. The ArkPak will allow you to power CPAP machines and much more, thanks to these features:

  • Built in USB charging port for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • Two 12V power ports for charging — making it able to power multiple devices.
  • Ability to work with your vehicle’s power system, so it can act as a dual battery system and power a electrical device with a high draw.

All the CPAP battery can do is one thing, and that’s power the CPAP machine!

Use the ArkPak to power your CPAP machine on camping trips without any special equipment or considerations. It’s a simple way to power your CPAP machine that just makes sense. You can now have more freedom with added versatility when you bring the ArkPak along on camping trips.

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