10 Reasons the ArkPak is Perfect for Tailgaters

10 Reasons the ArkPak is Perfect for Tailgaters

Tailgating has changed. It's no longer as simple as parking at the game, pulling out a cooler, and firing up the portable grill. Tailgaters today expect seating, shade, a variety of food options, and pre-game entertainment. As a result, it's not unusual to see TVs, satellite radio on sound systems, video game consoles, portable refrigerators, etc....and all of these devices need power.


Tailgate party

The ArkPak is a versatile portable-power solution for all types of trips - including trips to the stadium.


While many tailgaters use their vehicle to power electronics - or bring along a portable generator - there are problems with both of these options...which is why we think every tailgater would like to have their very own ArkPak.

Here are 10 reasons to use the ArkPak for your next tailgating adventure.

1. No More Jump Starts

Tailgaters can unknowingly drain their vehicle’s battery if they're not careful, and once it's drained it takes a jump start to get going.

What's more, draining your vehicle battery can erase vehicle presets. This doesn't just mean you lose your radio station preferences - it can also mean a loss of any fuel and shift maps that your vehicle has built for itself (something that newer vehicles do). By using an ArkPak instead of your vehicle's battery system, you don't have to worry about needing a jump.

2. Damage to Vehicle’s Battery

Like we mentioned above, many tailgaters will drain their vehicle’s battery during tailgating season. This can cause long-term damage to the battery, as most car batteries aren't designed to be completely discharged (most starter batteries aren't designed to be discharged more than 25%, in fact).

The ArkPak is designed to be used with deep-cycle lead acid batteries, which are designed to be deeply discharged without damage. What's more, the ArkPak's built-in charging and conditioning system helps protect and restore batteries that have been deeply discharged.

3. Convenient Device Charging

Even if you don't want to use the ArkPak to power an LCD television, game console, etc., you can still use it to keep your phone and tablet (along with all of your friend's phones and tablets) completely charged. The ArkPak comes with two (2) 12VDC cigarette lighter style plugins as well as a standard USB port. With adapters, that could be used to power multiple phone or tablet chargers.

4. Power For Entertainment

The ArkPak can be used to power a small refrigerator for days. We've had customers tell us the ArkPak has powered computers, 40" LCD TVs, gaming consoles, all sorts of LED lighting, etc. This means you can entertain your guests at your next tailgate party with live TV, fantasy football updates, etc.

5. Heavy-Duty Construction

Tailgating often takes place during a variety of weather conditions. With the ArkPak’s sturdy design, it can handle less than ideal weather conditions. This peace of mind helps keep your focus where it should be – cheering for your team!

NOTE: The ArkPak isn't designed to be submerged. You need to keep it dry. But it's not like you have to worry if someone kicks it, rests a foot on it, etc. It's rugged enough for camping and boating, so it's good to go for tailgating.

6. Battery Power Life Indicator

A great feature with the ArkPak is the battery life indicator display on instrument panel. This panel is a key part of the ArkPak and displays useful information like how much power is left. With this information, you can better manage your power usage.

7. Quiet and Inconspicuous Operation

Another key feature of the ArkPak is its' quiet operation. While generators can be loud, hot, and smelly, the ArkPak barely makes a sound...just a small hum from the internal cooling fant.

Also, unlike generators that burn diesel or gasoline, the ArkPak can be used inside an enclosure. You can put it inside your vehicle and use it no problem.

8. Maintenance-Free Operation

The ArkPak is virtually maintenance free. With the ArkPak, it will:

  • Use no fuel
  • Give off no emissions
  • Require no maintenance
  • Cost nothing to run

9. Solar Power Compatible

If your idea of tailgating is spending the day outside, you can connect a solar panel to your ArkPak and keep it charged. All you need is a solar charge controller.

NOTE: You won't be able to use the ArkPak and charge with the solar panel at the same time.

10. Game Day Customization is Easy!

Put stickers on your ArkPak. Paint it to match your favorite team's colors. It's OK - none of the ArkPak's surfaces heat up, so there's no problems...just make sure you don't paint over the built-in control panel or cooling vents.

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