Crowd-Sourced Truck Camping Setup and Organizational Ideas

Organizing your truck with camping gear isn’t always easy. It gets even more complicated when you travel for extended periods of time and want to hit different destinations. Here are some of the best ideas that will inspire you to turn your truck into an uber organized space to maximize both storage and passenger space.

Truck bed storage

This setup is impressive. The truck’s owner explains that it’s a couch and bed system that his kids also use for a playhouse — and you can’t beat something that’s also going to keep the kids occupied! It clearly has tons of lounge room, but you could still pile the gear on top of the system to head out — not to mention the at least 4 storage compartments visible in this picture and completely open space on the bottom that leads to the truck bed’s floor.

Truck storage night

At first glance, this setup looks more like a passenger train cabin than the back of a truck! With two mattress topped beds and tons of storage, you could live out of your truck — or at least take a long trip — if it was outfitted in this way. Basically, everything you aren’t seeing is used for storage or has some function. It’s wired with a stove, sink, and charging station that all hide away when not in use.

Truck camper open

There’s not much complexity to this arrangement, but that’s just fine sometimes. It appears that this truck started with a flatbed and the owner added a custom camper top and storage drawer under the bed — then threw in a mattress and a few plastic storage containers inside the makeshift bedroom. It’s not a super complex setup, but would definitely do for the frequent weekend camper.

Truck storage box

Truck box closed

Here’s a way to add storage, organization, and a sleeping space to your truck without major work or permanent modifications to your truck. This is an easy box made with eight separated compartments for storage. From there, just throw a mattress on top and some blankets and you’re good to go! Remove the box when you’re not out on an adventure and regain the fully utility of your truck bed.

Are you ready to go out and really commit your vehicle to the frequent residency? Check the video above out to see how you can build a budget camper for your truck! This guy felt inspired by a few other builds he saw around, so he made a setup that covers it all — sleeping, showering, and even power via solar panels.

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