10 Great Multi-Tasking Gear Items For Extended Camping Trips

Using multi-purpose products for camping is the best way to tackle your extended camping trip. You can maximize your space and keep your haul to a minimum. Here are the best items to pack for your extended camping trip.

Pocket Shower

Pocket shower

This device allows you to take the shower wherever you’re going. It holds up to 2.6 gallons of water and you can let the sun heat the pouch — hang it from a tree and you’re ready for a shower! While it may not be a long term solution, you can take water from the campsite on hikes, or use it to transport water for cooking or first aid.

LifeSaver Bottle Filtration System

Lifesaver water bottle

This water bottle takes the stress out of finding clean drinking water. In about a minute, it filters out all microbiological waterborne pathogens that might be in whatever water you scoop up.

Folding Bucket

Folding bucket

There are many makers of these super simple water transportation devices — and they all serve the same purpose, to transport water. Use them to carry clean water to your cooking area, or gather water to douse your campfire (very important now that fire season is upon us).

ArkPak Portable Power System

Ark while camping

The ArkPak provides 12V and 110V power on the go. It features a 50 amp anderson plug plus a 5V USB plug for all types of charging from space heaters to refrigerators — and everything in between! It also pairs well with solar panel kits for a virtually indefinite power supply. Learn more here.

Folding Cooler Bag Chairs

Folding cooler chair

This is a simple combination of seating with an insulated cooler. It’s inexpensive and versatile — it might not keep your items cool forever, but you can travel around the grounds and

Eton Scorpion


This little device is ready for just about anything. It’s an all-in-one radio, flashlight, bottle opener, and phone charger. It’s a great device to keep in case of emergencies, go on a hike, etc. It can also be charged with the ArkPak to keep the power going for much longer.


Spork knife

This functioning spoon, fork, knife covers all of the eating bases. The best part? It folds down into just 4” and locks while not in use.

BioLite CampStove


The BioLite CampStove is a neat little devices that allows you to cook, power your GPS, and charge your phone. Light the fire with sticks, pine cones, etc. to light the fire and that heat is used to generate electricity. This surplus of electricity is then sent to its USB port for charging.

7-in-1 Survival Whistle

7 in 1 whistle

This survival gadget is a rescue alert whistle, and a:

  • LED Flashlight
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • 5X Magnifier
  • Signaling Mirror
  • Waterproof Storage Device

Swiss Army Multitool with Digital Weather Display

Swiss Army Knife

What would a multi-tasking gear post be without a good old fashion Swiss Army multitool with a modern twist! This classic essential features 25 tools in one plus digital weather display — a must have for any camper.

Pickup these gadgets and tools and get into the great outdoors!

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