Why Overlanding Isn't The Same Without An ArkPak

Life is an adventure…or at least it should be. That’s why the ArkPak is the perfect companion for your next overlanding destination. It opens you up to an entire new world of freedom and exploration that can only be experienced on your own terms. So get ready to embrace the wild outdoors, explore new terrain and see where life can really take you. Here are seven ways that the ArkPak can improve your journeys.

ArkPak Advantages

Saying Goodbye to Civilization

The start of every overlanding journey begins in your very own driveway, and there are endless possibilities on where the roads ahead can carry you. Without a reliable power source like the ArkPak, then those possibilities are extremely limited. Since the ArkPak can accommodate a battery with a whopping 130 amp hours of capacity, an ArkPak is all you need to end your worries over battery power.

Amazing Roadside Camping

Likewise, the ArkPak is perfect for adventurers with a love of the rugged outdoors because you never know when you’ll find the perfect camp site. And while you can certainly get by cooking on a campfire, how do you recharge your digital devices or generate enough power to run a small refrigerator? The answer is- you don’t, unless you have an ArkPak with you.

Exploring the Unexplored

Then again, there may be days where you’ll be hundreds of miles from civilization and surviving solely on renewable energy. That’s when the ArkPak’s 30W and 60W solar panels come in so incredibly handy; it completely erases your limitations on where to travel or how to navigate. With eight hours of sunlight, you’ll have enough portable power to always get the job done.

Meeting New Adventurers

Of course, half the fun of overlanding is meeting like-minded adventurists who love the outdoors just as much as you do. And nothing strikes up a conversation faster than the ArkPak. With dedicated 12V and 110V sockets, a USB port and a 150 watt inverter, you’ll be able to utilize everything from spotlights to navigation equipment to portable DVD players as you make new friends on the open road.

Experiencing New Culture

Sometimes the journey is solely about the destination, however, and your overlanding adventure could deliver you to the doorstep of new cultures all over the globe. If you’re there to lend a helping hand and electricity is inaccessible, then the ArkPak is going to serve as a true lifesaver when it comes to operating equipment, sharing music and delivering food and medical aid. It makes little sense to unprepared though since the ArkPak easily mounts to your vehicle.

Reaching the Highest Peaks

Every now and then, the road to nowhere in your overlanding adventure may lead almost straight up the mountainside. And in those types of remote locations, having a dependable power source can easily mean the difference between mere survival and an awesome experience. That’s why the ArkPak is built to be just as rugged as you are. Since it’s also designed to be compact and (relatively) lightweight, it's a solid solution for overlanders who are trying to maximize their space and efficiency for those difficult travels.

To Create Your Own Paths in Life

The great thing about overlanding is that there really are no rules…only limitations. The ArkPak helps to remove most of those limitations and creates countless opportunities for adventure in our big, beautiful world. So if you’re ready to get out there and explore, just mount the ArkPak to your off-road vehicle and be sure to send us a postcard.

Have you taken an amazing overlanding adventure with the ArkPak? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Tell us about your journey below and our staff may even feature your travel tips on our blog!

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