Using The ArkPak To Prevent A Super Bowl Party Catastrophe

Super Bowl Party

The beer is cold. The burgers and brats are hot. The game is on, and it's a good one. Your Super Bowl party is officially awesome...and then the unimaginable happens. The power goes out. Your guests scarf down their food, apologize, and run out the door to find a place to watch rest of the game.

Party fail.

...unless you have an ArkPak, that is!

The ArkPak can easily power many flatscreen LED-LCD TVs in the event that you lose power. The ArkPak's built-in inverter is rated at 150W*, which is more than enough power to operate most LED-LCD flatscreen TVs 55inches (or smaller).

According to, the average 55 inch LED-LCD TV consumes about 67 watts of electricity during normal operation. If we assume that the "start-up" load on a 55 inch TV is twice that amount, than the ArkPak's 150 watt inverter is sufficient to start and operate a 55" flatscreen.

Plasme vs LED power consumption

Image from LED TV power consumption shown in blue.

Granted, this is for an LED LCD - if you have an older LCD that uses cold cathode flourescent lighting, you may find that the current draw exceeds the ArkPak inverter's rating, at least for the larger TV sizes.

The good news is, it's easy to test. Simply plug your TV into the ArkPak, turn it on, and see what happens. If your TV tries to draw more power than the ArkPak can handle, the ArkPak will protect the inverter and cut power - plus it will emit an overload alarm sound to let you know that your TV requires too much power.

So there you go - another use for your ArkPak, and another reason to have an ArkPak around the house.

 *Specs on newer versions vary. Check them out here.

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