ArkPak Attends the Mogol Rally

The ArkPak is Officially Rally-Proven

The Mongol Rally is said to be the "greatest adventure in the world," and it's hard to argue with that assessment. As many as 300 teams - typically consisting of two to four people each - start the Mongol Rally in Europe and trek their way to Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

The participants must adhere to the three fundamental rules:

  1. The vehicle used must be remarkably small and rough around the edges, less than five years old, and have an engine 1000cc's (1 liter) or smaller
  2. Participants aren't allowed to have a "chase vehicle" that provides support - they must do the rally strictly on their own
  3. Finally, each team must raise at least £1000 for a charity

At Ark, the Mongol Rally really sparked our interest, so we sponsored a team by the name of the "Rally Roos" (their vehicle is shown above).

Here's the ArkPak pausing to take in a scenic view. NOTE: Not all ArkPaks will ask to get out of your vehicle and look at the scenery. Most (OK, all) will be happy to stay in the car with the rest of your gear.


As you can imagine, a device like the ArkPak is invaluable for an event like the Mongol Rally. If there's an engine failure or an electrical problem, the ArkPak can keep cell phones and GPS units fully charged to both call for help and to find the way. If you're camping in the middle of nowhere, the ArkPak can help provide some comforts of home.


The Roos often had to camp at night, and the ArkPak was great for keeping laptops powered while watching movies.

The Roos' used their ArkPak to always have their electronics charged and ready to go to ensure they had a well-documented experience, and their maps were on-hand when they needed them. Days from the finish line, their vehicle hits a rock in the evening and snaps a ball joint. While waiting for the tow truck, the ArkPak was able to power their laptop to play a movie and for this sole reason, we're sure other teams were envious of such a luxury.

We're grateful we were able to provide the Roos with an ArkPak to ensure they remained powered up during their five-week adventure. If you're looking to travel the world - or just go out on a local adventure - the ArkPak is a rally-proven power source.

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