Portable Power for CPAP Machines

ArkPak Powers CPAP Machines – An Alternative To Dedicated CPAP Battery Packs

Most CPAP machines seem to require 30 to 100W of power at 120VAC. That's well within the power requirements of the ArkPak's built-in inverter.

CPC Portable Power Pack

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If your CPAP machine requires 100W of power (and you can see the power requirements by looking at the device carefully), than an ArkPak with a 100aH battery installed can power your CPAP machine for as much as 12 hours of continuous use before the battery is completely discharged. If the battery is just discharged 70%, a 100W CPAP machine can be run for approximately 8 hours.

And if your CPAP machine uses less than 100W - say 50W - than an ArkPak with a 100aH battery ought to be capable of providing a couple nights' worth of power between recharges.

NOTE: Some CPAP machines have heaters that can substantially increase the amount of power needed. Shutting off the heating feature can improve the lifespan considerably. Additionally, humidifiers cannot be powered by the ArkPak as they cannot run from a modified sine wave power source.

More Versatile Than CPAP Battery Backups

Most CPAP machines can be equipped with an integrated battery backup or a travel battery. While these options seem like the best way to go, they are not. Why? Battery backup options CPAP providers sell are limited to working on only the CPAP machine. The ArkPak can power the CPAP and a whole lot more. For example:

  • The ArkPak has a built-in USB charging port, which is ideal for charging cell phones, tablets, GPS units, etc.
  • The ArkPak has two built-in 12V power ports, which can also be used for phone chargers, as well as any 12V camping device (like a refrigerated cooler or camping refrigerator).
  • The ArkPak can be connected to your vehicle's power system, and then used as a dual battery to help power a heavy-duty electrical device (like an electric winch)

A CPAP battery can do one thing: provide power to a CPAP machine. That's it.

No Unique or Custom Configurations

Certain CPAP machines require unique or custom configurations to use battery backups according to CPAP.com. This means if you forget a piece while traveling, you are out of luck. With the ArkPak, there is no need to worry, as the unit has a standard AC plugin. It's just like home.

While it's always a good idea to check with your doctor or a medical expert before buying a device for a medical purpose, one thing is clear: The ArkPak provides plenty of power for CPAP users, as well as a lot of other uses. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a single-purpose battery setup when you can own an ArkPak?

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