CPAP Battery Packs For Camping - Check Out The ArkPak October 1, 2015 06:00

Camping CPAP use

The ArkPak can handle the task of powering your CPAP machine and much more. Here's why the ArkPak is the best choice for CPAP users while camping.

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Camping Power Supplies and Power Packs - How To Get Power While Camping April 10, 2015 03:42

ArkPak at campsite

Taking a power pack along while camping allows you to have those modern conveniences you can't live without, while still enjoying the solitude of nature. Here's what portable power packs offer those who want to camp without totally disconnecting.

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How To Protect Your Electronics From Water While Camping July 31, 2014 18:16

It doesn't take a lot of moisture to ruin electronics. Even the best weather forecaster can't guarantee a dry camping trip. You need a wet-weather contingency plan to protect your high-tech gear.

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Camping Fire Safety Tips For a Very Dry Year June 14, 2014 23:06

With the dry season upon us, it's important for campers, hunters, and anyone celebrating July 4th to consider fire safety. With so many potential fire triggers and heat sources (like camping stoves and portable generators) commonly used outdoors, the risks of starting a fire can't be ignored.

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7 Essential Camping Accessories (Or 7 Gift Ideas For Father's Day) May 28, 2014 23:16

Is it a coincidence that camping season and Father's day are so close together? We don't think so. If your dad is an outdoorsmen, and you haven't quite found him a Father's day gift, check out these cool camping accessories.

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Portable Power Packs For Camping - What to Look For March 23, 2014 23:30

You've got your tents, your canteen, and sleeping bag all packed and ready to go for your next camping trip...but aren't you forgetting something? If you are setting up a basic tent campsite, RV, or caravan, you can enjoy the auxiliary power offered by the ArkPak without sacrificing your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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New Portable Power Pack Is Equal Parts Rugged and Techie December 2, 2013 17:48

The ArkPak isn't just a box that holds a deep cycle battery – it's a 12V battery smart charger, an inverter that provides 120V AC power, a solar energy storage device and a 12V DC power source for everything from game refrigerators to laptop computers. Campers and hunters can use the ArkPak to power their camp site, while computer geeks can use it as a high-capacity uninterruptible power supply.

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